Society Meeting Management Hamari Society

Society Meeting Management

  • Send out notices and circulars by email to all members as well as other users in your system.
  • Publish rules and regulations that can be marked for members-only or accessible to general public.
  • Create and post issues for voting. Members can vote online and can even see the results. 
  • Record and publish minutes of board, committee and general meetings accessible to members-only.
  • Keep an instantly accessible chronological record of each and every notice, circular, rule/regulation and minutes posted.
  • Post issues on the site where members can discuss and express their views in writing, subscribe to get notified of comments by other members, and engage in a full-fledged discussion.
  • Members can send messages to each other with an option to add attachments. Admin can send broadcast messages to all users.
  • Calendar for posting events like board and committee meetings, general meetings, social events etc. in description box.