Admin login:

  • How to sign in Hamaari Society management software?
    Click on Login—Society Management—Enter User ID and password—Click on sign in

  • How to change your admin password?
    My account—Profile—Update password

  • Once the Society makes the payment to Hamaari app software where can we check the payment details?
    My payment—Monthly bill payment

  • How can we add owner details?
    User lists—Add members

  • How can we activate the owner?
    It will automatically get activated

  • How can we add details of the flat?
    Registration—Add house—Fill all the details

  • How can we change flat number?
    View house—Action—There are 3 options Edit, Delete, Update

  • How to generate bill for a particular flat?
    My payment—Monthly bill payment—Generate a bill option

  • How can you pay the bill for a particular flat?
    My payment—Bill payment—Make a payment request or you can do with net banking option.

  • How to create an event?
    Event—Add event

  • How to see the send SMS report and send email report?
    SMS— Fill all the details (Admin can only send SMS)

  • How super user can add member and his family details?
    Login with super user—User lists—Add member—Then fill the details

Member login:

  • Where can member check his parking details?
    Member login—Services— Parking details

  • How can member register his complaint?
    Member login—Complaint—File a complaint—Fill the details

  • Where can member check his billing details?
    My payment—Monthly bill payment